Friday, September 19, 2008

Celebrating Jess's birthday @ Chili's , Mid Valley

Another celebration for my dearest Jessie ~ Happy Belated Birthday I'm gonna say it here !

So sorry for my late on that day, don't know why I just turned and followed my instinct and suddenly I found that, gosh! I'm out of Mid Valley heading for KL! What the heck was going on? I don't know what's in my mind and I don't have any time to find out too...haha

Thanks for U-turning, always remember to U-turn when you get lost in KL, this is basically a very true fact :P

Well, here comes the photos .

Kekez...let's just put some normal pose yea~~

- Mee3, Jess, Bell -

Jess & Bell

Mee3 & Jess

Jess & Kar Wai

Pina Chilada, Chocolate Shake, Southwind Sling, Orange Juice

Our main dishes. And I know that Chili's is special for its big portion, WOW! You can ever enjoy your meal without any side dishes as well since you probably can't finished your own plate's.

Fish Steak

Monterey Chicken

Countery Fried Chicken

South / Western Lamb

Uuhhh~~~ Happy Satisfied Jess...hahahaha~~


v..u...we...delicious wor..not bad cost u ?!! some money lal..if not when i bek..u tell no money to eat seafood mar charm.. :p

it's look vr delicious !!

wa!!! loked yummy!!! i dont know y for me the portion doesn't seem very big, hihi, maybe i ald used to this kind of portion ;p one of the reasons tat i m growing fatter n fatter!

I miss chili's foods! Jess also single? =P

yeng -- haha...dun worry...dat is oct month budget ady~~

sweeney -- can enjoy afda ur exam oo~~hehe..whr r u cum from?

wyne -- mayb u biasa wf new zealand portion ady? or izit i make it smaller ady? *blek*

jeromefo -- yea yea~~jessie still single and available oo~~haha...wey wey since when u find gals@here har?

its smaller than my imagined size..

jessie looks pretty n sweet....i agree wit dis all d while.....

yo~~ thanks for ur belated bdy greetings ya~

it's really okay to be late, as long as u n mee3 reached there safely and be there for me mar~

i really appreciated u gals celebrated it with me ~~

*hugs n kisses*

but i tink we should have taken more pictures!! when i think about it oredi made me so regretted for not taking enough pictures lo~~ =( round will be urs~! hehe... =)

thanks for the bag ya~ muackss~~!!

jess wear contact lens ald? haha