Friday, December 08, 2006


WOW! what a nice memory's been a long time we din gathered together like today isn't it? So glad u guys din change much, so glad dat we're still talking like pasar malam style...YOHU!!
Bee still looks vl small n slim d...haih....
Mee3 nonid to say lar, oways meet wf her 1..
Hazel ar, that spec makes u different ler, reali got abit bu xi guan wf dat~~but still, laugh like dai siu gu po and STILL, will gv d table a clap when cum to excited part.
ChongYan, wow.....can take into consider jor..haha..change hairstyle n it makes him stylish!kakaz....oopss....4get jor he's my HUSBAND indeed..
Jason, haha....more n more funny d! still play like a child, haih....but y ur face bcum so fair n so red?This AUSTRALIAN guy....
Loke YeYe, y ur hair bcum shorter n shorter geh? but still can standing wor! GENG ! mee3 n hazel said u like malay ler...haha
KokWai, walau eh, erm....nothing to say except his excellent too slim bodyshape..
Ean, dunno wut to say odi, kenot meet u in UKM but hv to cum bek ipoh n purposely call u out
JiaChyi, not much change, reali.
Phoebe, this gal, y r u soooo damn slim d?can see d tulang loh! Dun oways chitchat wf hp lar! aiyo...but change bcum abit diam woman later?

Where's JunSeng? Where's WaiKit and all d others? Mayb nextime ler....what a dissapoint cant hv a complete gathering wf u all....anywher, tomorrow still got programme huh...SING K !