Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hello Guys !I'm back !

Oh yeah ! Finally i got chance to on9 now...but all in a rush!As I say it, I'm all in rush coz here on9 vlvlvl expensive

All rite, let's see wut happened to me these few days.
I'm working at Genting now, as u all noe. Kinda enjoy and exciting here...ppl said they all work like hell here, vl suffer, but honestly i'm kinda in it.How to say ler?I worked as trainee croupier game in baccarat.3 days of orientation actually make no sense for me except feeling boring and wanna fall asleep e'time the fellow talk sth there....make not much frens ltot they force us to do so...then the 4th day start training, i'm still blur blur of wut i'm doing actually, juz followed wut ppl done...

Then talk about my roomates.At the very first( I mean during the first day i reported myself @ the human resource department)I waited from 12pm to 6pm alone!!Feel kesian seeing e'body got their own gangthen me onli alone...then finally i heard my name and then i get my number followed by my "sleeping place"--First World Hotel.

Then sth worried me : Who are my roomates?Will I joined their topics easily? Coz they're all just finish spm!And the very first 3 days, we all diam diam d, seems like so "guai"...

then here something happened when we start training. We start to sial!I'm kinda sked and worried coz I seems like "little bit old" di kalangan form 5 itu...but...later coz of sth we all gals hv to separate..means that my team got 33 ppl and 10 gals, that we hv 12 games table and e'table must occupied a gal !OH NO !!then in situation of having no idea, i terpaksa sit wf 2 boys : 1 fat fat d, another cool cool d...that i sked of him !Then my team got another guy, i oso sked of him coz he oways showing a non-smiling-face d....
but then oni i realise i was wrong...when i noe the guy same table wf me kinda sot...dat he vlvlvl "dan xiao"--not dare to hear ghost story!Oh my god! then we call him "Ah-Met"coz his name is Yong ( kambing in cantonese)..then another non-smiling-face d guy, lagi OMG! This 1 reali chi sin 1!Coz after starting training me n my roomates all sial liao--got same topic to chat wf mar...e'night we chat till 4--5am altot we off duty at 8pm then we hv 2 work on 7am tmr!
ok...then i sial mar...1 day i start to dance da "gang guan wu" in my room...then as a result, the nextday my team noe my sial story odi...then start to make funny liao...da non-smiling-face guy (Ah Ket) start to "insult" me liao....i kinda kek sei by him loh...but we all play play d...vlvlvl funny!

Then in our team, got a sarawak chinese boy called Daniel. Then another funny boy "mm dei dek" he so famous (as MI) ,then he called himself "BOLIN" (BO=breast, LIN=milk.....)then another sial guy said :"Pls call me LUK-CHAT"(Richard?)...-_-|||
They both vlvlvl gao xiao till i oways fight wf them d~~hehe

Then hoh....our trainer Ricky vl lengchai oo...not to say reali handsome but he ...bergaya d~~hehe~~then i hoh~~FALL IN LUV WF HIM LOH ! =P but the nextday when i saw his ring on his finger my heart broken odi....n those sir reali funny 1...we can make laugh on them n they dun angry!Let's say, i said " Sir u noe my heart broken when i saw ur ring arr?" Sir answered me :"U can be my 2 lai d~~come come come~~".............

many funny things happened but i cant type it out in a short time, about ChoiLing, about Gary, about Ah Met, about Apple Oren Strawberry pineapply, about Peng Guan....nextime lar k?