Tuesday, February 20, 2007

reversing ur pin number, if it's d case

Get this from David's place.

If, I say, u're the unlucky one who get robbed when u're trying to take your cash from ATM machine and there's nobody sense anything weird, pls do help urself--key in ur pin-number reverse-ly to make an un-alert-ing msg to the police. Let's say, ur pin-number is 1234, pls key in 4321 , u'll still get ur money but police will arrive immediately...

this is true! since there's less ppl ( or mayb npbody at all?) knowing this, thus less ppl doing this, and i hope this do help, for instance.

(Last updated : 21/2/2007==and yet, thr's sbd telling me this is totally wrong info...haih...)