Thursday, July 05, 2012

I'm on a Road Trip; and it starts from Nelson

So What's next?

I count myself as a V.E.R.Y lucky girl cz just to let you know it is really a very difficult thing for somebody like us to get ourselves hired in this winter season. There're so little job out there (like only if you don't mind working in a vineyard and get your bubbly hand puffed with layers and layers just to get yourself feed enough during the season? Alright I mean for girls out there ya ^^) And there're like tons of people like us (PLU?) fighting to grab a place in ANY kind of jobs.

So we all got hired IMMEDIATELY on the day we quit our mussel job (Thanks to me and Ms Kate LOL)
And thankfully we had like 2 weeks holiday before we started our next job in another city. It's kind of great to have that period since we've been working like dogs and I barely have time to spend around this beautiful country. So why not we take a break, not sitting down and relax?


 #1 A view of Nelson from Central of New Zealand

Nelson is well known for its arts and crafts.

#2 Life doesn't imitate art, it imitates bad television.

Life imitates art far more than art imitates life?

And it's so cool that Nelson is one of the few NZ cities that has its own flag, and they call themselves Nelsonians!

Just hold your breath while glazing at these beautiful A and C.


Guess someone can easily find yourself a piece of something for somebody as a special gift? I really like this city, like a lot, for its uniqueness and every single thing at this city is so special that I feel like couldn't find another piece of them at the rest of the world (Oh I sound exaggerating I know XD)

#4 Nelson Christ Church Cathedral on Church Hill, central Nelson.


#6 See the pipe organ out there? Fall in love with it ever since I watched Conan Detective Series lol. 
Mystical though.

#7 Diocese of Nelson Christ Church Cathedral.

#8 Unlike many towns and cities in NZ, Nelson has retained many Victorian buildings in its historic centre.

#9 Even the counter at I-site was full with local colors!

#10 Just can't stop fooling around -=-________-=-|||

#11 Queen Elizabeth Park

"U gotta be kidding me!" ridiculously I said, staring at the ducks that make us their leader.

#12 Lunch at Golden Bell Thai Restaurant
(Yea, it's M3!)

I should say it really tastes not bad, I miss Asian Food already!
(Not too much, just a little bit bit bit)

And then we just hang around this lovely city, enjoy their displays which just can't take my eyes off it.
Feel like wanna buy something <- the shopping urge is calling me! get out of my way! you DEVIL!

#13 Don't know what was I thinking at that moment....
God must be damning me

#14 SERIOUSLY since when i became such a JOKER!

#15 Having a good time with my girls XD

Kate, Fiona and Helen from Hong Kong
and Winnie from Taiwan :)

Then having a very luxurious dinner at Maharaja India again, consider it as a farewell dinner lor.
Good Bye Blenheim, Good bye Talleys, Good bye mates, Good bye everybody~!
Let's toast to THAT!

#16 Maharaja India

#17 Thanks to Kate, I ordered "Suicide Curry"

Then I die jor. HOT till ar!!!

#18 Eunice On-ni from Korea, pretty huh ^^

Let's call it a day ba ^^


nice, got friends from HK n Taiwan. Next time we go travel together :D