Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another busy week...

I've been Truly, Madly, Deeply busy lately!
Oh Gosh please help me I need your hand right now!
Yes, I mean, HAND !!

For those whoever told me that persuing a Master degree is easy, here I'm gonna show you...
Please join your left hand with your right hand, palm facing face, bend all the fingers down except the last two little fingers.
Yea this is what I'm going to show you!

There's no such things as --TIME-TO-PLAY for me right now :'(
No time for exercise, No time for movies, No time for any activities, and I'm becoming a computer slave who just be able to sit in front of my lappie whole day scratching my head crying out silently and search for a little .... improvement in my assignment.

I'm praying to God, please give me a little more time, I need TIME !

Anyway, since I've been so busy stick with my never ending homework, I have really no time for real-time-shopping-experience for coming CNY, another sigh for me.

Although myself selling things online (eh-hem...), I've only tried once to buy shirts through online catalogue, and believe me, that experience is totally SUCKS !

I still remember I've spent more than hundred ringgit in purchasing those SUPER DUPLE CHEAP cloths!! It's just like a piece of cloth joining together with NO QUALITY tailoring skills and that really ruined my expectation towards online shopping, no matter how beautiful the dress was, showing in the picture.

And today, don't know why, Iim again into it :D
Just spent RM200 in this, not sure whether this time will it completely destroy my hope or not, hoping I can get some beautiful stuff for this coming pity CNY~

Cheer Up !! It's time to gan-ba-de !!

See ya!


要多多加油哦!!! situation here not yet as bad as yours. Coming to an end edi, most of the thing are completing.

You cool down ar~~I also pity u~~ Vrazy lecturer. The one failed most is the dean, din coordinate the lecturer's lecture plan. I REALLY think so gah~~

you gambateh la~~this sem going to over edi...

jia you in ur study!