Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Final exam's around d corner!! I'm damn nervous+sked now!

Well this is what I feel right now, damn nervous and worried about my final exam, since I didn't done well in my mid term. Some more for the TITAS paper, I didn't attended the class, and miss 2 important quizes as well, as since I've lost the marks, I have to gain back , in my final !! And yet I still din have any idea about what is dat TITAS talk about! Write about those Arabian words, which I cant understand, talk about their sacrifices and what they've give to the world....and in my mind, it makes no sense.
Stop talking about it.

Although this is a 2-week-study-leaves, but what I've done these 2 days? Shopping, hanging out with frens, like a tour guide since my fren came and visited, eating, enjoying d excitement of whole day on9ing, watching dramas, chitchat in msn....everything is a syok!

But at least I'm doing something good, where I help ah ket write his article/report, feels like quite useful.haha..